WOMAN-KIND Menstrual Range:

We are proud to introduce WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges and re-usable pads. The sponges are a truly affordable, natural and green alternative to traditional modern tampons. Sea sponges have been sustainably used by WOMEN-KIND dating back to Cleopatra. Ours are imported from the Mediterranean.

WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges are Kind to Women?.

 womankind menstrual kit

  • They are soft and gentle to use
  • They do not dry and abrade the vagina as tampons often do
  • They are easy to clean, dry and maintain
  • They are easy to dispose of at the end of their life-cycle
  • They are easy on the conscience as they are a truly green product
  • They are affordable and will reduce the overall cost of your menstrual cycles substantially
  • They put the natural back into your menstrual cycle
WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges come packaged in a biodegradable Eco-plastic bag by Green Home with an information sheet about the history, usage and safety of menstrual sponges for the customer.
womankind biodegradable packaging
WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges can be used for a few menstrual cycles (3-6 cycles) making them a more affordable option for Women.

WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges are Kind to the Planet?.

 womankind save the earth

  • They are a sustainably harvested natural resource
  • Unlike manufactured tampons and other products like silicone moon cups, producing them does not involve industrialised production
  • Cleaning the sponge uses only warm water during the cycle, and between cycles, natural and non-polluting lavender oil or vinegar can be used to disinfect them
  • After repeated use, the sponges break down naturally without polluting the water supply or landfill

Fact: Tampons can take up to 5 years to biodegrade, while sanitary towels can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.

For women who prefer internal products for their menses, based on our own experience and use, WOMAN-KIND menstrual sponges are THE best alternative to all existing sanitary products available in South Africa – for women and for the planet.

For Women who prefer to use external menstrual products, we offer washable, re-usable pads made of 100% cotton. The pads have ?wings? that clip onto the panty with a press-stud. They are made in our Fair Trade workshop near Kommetjie, Cape Town.